Thailand Travel Chronicles – A vacation you don’t want to miss! Part 2

Chang Park Resort & Spa, Kai Bae Beach, Thailand

Let’s refresh our memory a bit. The last time we spoke to you, we were on our first ever backpacking adventure in Koh Samed at the Baan Thai Sang Thian resort; relaxing and just like that those 2 days were over. So, the night before we checked out, we did the same thing again, we started hunting for our next adventure and that’s then we found Koh Chang.

Let’s talk about how to get there.

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A Festival You Shouldn’t Miss: Diwali in India

When we talk about Diwali, we directly relate it to being call as the ‘Festival Of Lights’. True to what its known for – if you are in India or traveling to India during this festival season, you will love the glitter of light, the delicious sweets, the rangoli patterns(creative patterns made on the floor) made outside homes or temples and people geared up to celebrate this festival by lighting fire crackers. Read more

4 Ways Travel Can Change Your Life!

4 Ways Travel Can Change Your Life!

We have been traveling for over 10 years. Through our travel journey, there have been a few things that have stood out and have changed our life for the better. Which made us believe that ‘Travel Can Change Your Life’. So, we’d like to share the top ones with you so that you can change your life too.

As you’d read ahead you’ll realize that the process of traveling and visiting new places can make you fearless, give you a sense of achievement and much more.

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Thailand Travel Chronicles – A vacation you don’t want to miss! Part 1

Baan Thai Sang Thian, Koh Samed, Thailand

So it was a couple a years’ back and as someone said that ‘the first impression is the last impression’, well, to add to that – we’d like to say that, that the first experience is always priceless!

The check-in at Banthai Sanghathian, Koh Samed, Thailand was super easy, we got a room which was right on the beach. Yes, who wouldn’t want that!! The room was nice and clean. They had their small private white sandy beach; the view was just perfect! And, here when we say sandy, we mean that it was so soft and non-grainy that you could just feel the smoothness on you palm.

On the flip side, the hotel didn’t have a restaurant, though there were plenty of places just next door, additionally, we had some visitors in the form of mosquitoes, so you might want to carry a mosquito repellent with you.

So now let’s get to the facts… yes, how to get there?

We traveled to Baan Thai Sang Thian in 2013, it was our first trip overseas. We knew we wanted to spend time on the beach but we didn’t want to go to Phuket or Pattaya. That’s when one of our dear friends suggested Koh Samed. It’s a small but beautiful island located on the South East of Thailand. It’s a 2 to 3 hour drive from Bangkok by car/bus. We boarded the shared cab in the morning from our hotel in Bangkok (Grand President, Bangkok, Thailand), got down at Nuanthip Pier and from there we took a ferry to Koh Samed Island.

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Chokhi Dhani Royal, Review: Take your pick!

Chokhi Dhani Royal, Review: Take your pick!

Chokhi Dhani Royal, Bangalore is a place that serves authentic Rajasthani Cuisine along with the richness of its art and culture.

It’s a combination of dining, entertainment and shopping. An additional treat, if you want to pamper yourself is the: head massage and Mehndi (temporary art form) section.

    • The Dining: section offers the most exquisite ethic and royal ambiance spread out on two levels. The food they served was finger licking good. You’ll end up feeling blotted, but you would still want to eat the yummy Dal Baati Choorma, Kheer (Rice & milk pudding), Dal Ka Halwa (I am drooling while writing this)
    • The Entertainment: They have some foot tapping dances like ‘Kalbeliya and Bhopa Bhopan’ and even cultural performances, that includes some awesome ‘Live Ghazal’ captivating the entire moment. The Ghazal has been our favorite part always, since, these days we don’t tend to come across too many places that play ‘Live’ Ghazal. That’s right, so why not make the most of your experience while visiting Chokhi Dhani.
    • Shopping: Here, you’ll experience a miniature version of the Rajasthani Arts and Crafts culture. The Artisan Village named ‘Kalagram’ sells handmade leather notebooks, Rajathani clothes and Jhooti’s (footwear). You’ll also get to see a souvenir section that include Pen holder, wall display, handmade paintings, just incase you want to carry some back home or overseas. After all, who doesn’t love shopping.

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Business Trip – Crowne Plaza Gurgaon Review

Business Trip – Crowne Plaza Gurgaon Review

I have been to a few business trips to Delhi/NCR and yes there are a lot of business hotels depending on your budget, but if you are looking for a hotel with a combination of luxury and sophistication, I think you will love what IHG has to offer. The last time I was here for a business trip I spent three nights at the Holiday Inn near Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI). This time I decided to stay at the Crowne Plaza in Sec 29 Gurgaon. Its situated perfectly. Not too close to the traffic hub MG Road but not too far from important places in Gurgaon. The HUDA Metro station is just 2-3 Km away. All the offices are within 15-30 Min drive and the IGI Airport during non-peak hours is just 20 minutes away.

My Room

I was stationed on the 6th floor and my room was perfect. Once you enter the washroom is on your left side and after a couple of steps you end up in this huge room with a comfortable king size bed. The room was enormous and so was the bathroom with some extra space for a bath tub. You have a separate shower enclosure and a pretty big hand wash area. I had a great view of the city from my room so I loved it! There’s also a small office area if you are one of those workaholics.


They have a 24 Hr bar (ConneXion) in the lobby area and two international themed restaurants (One was Brazilian but I don’t remember the other one). When I checked in it was late afternoon and I was hungry, so I decided to grab a beer and a quick bite at the bar. The Chicken Tikka Kathi roll was excellent and my Budweiser refreshing. Like I mentioned in my TripAdvisor review, the food was amazing throughout my stay and may be one of the best things about the hotel, however I do have some feedback that I have shared below: Read more

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