Traveling Guidelines: Spring Break Travel Tips


The coming of spring break means different things to different people, especially if you live in colder climate states. So whether your idea of spring break is hanging out and relaxing near a beach in the sun or traveling to places like Thailand to see different scenery, one thing is clear: the 2,000-year-old spring break tradition makes this a popular time for adults, students, and families to travel, which means waiting is not Read more

Three Exciting Scuba Diving Destinations

Three Exciting Scuba Diving Destinations

If you were given two weeks to dive anywhere in the world and could choose any scuba diving destinations, where would you go? Would you try to push your boundaries wondering how you could quit your job to travel permanently? Or would you choose a nice destination like Thailand to go and explore the Phi Phi Island for two weeks? Read more

Travel – Is it your cup of tea?


Hellooo You Lovely People,

Well well, don’t most of us want to travel the world?? Who doesn’t love traveling? Tell me..

I am sure each of you would have started or are in the process of starting….

For us ‘Traveling’ is:

– To see new Read more

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