Travel Smarter: 8 Ways to Stay Safe in a Dangerous Place

Security is a major point when you plan to go for traveling. Here we would be discussing 8 points to give you some reasonable guidance while you travel. These tips and approaches would help you to stay safe while traveling in any part of the world. Let’s have a look:



  1. Try to learn at least the basics of Language

If you plan is to stay for a longer period of time link 2 or 3 months then it is highly recommended that you should learn the language. Like in Germany or in Spain, it is difficult to find translators all the time. You don’t need to be expert but at least learn the basics so you can easily convey your message and can save yourself from running into more problems.

Tip: Use any credible source online for learning any language free. Time and place of your choice. You can easily learn it while lying on your bed in the comfort of your home.

  1. Do your own research about the destination

It is easy to find out the security level in big cities, as a tourist it is really important for you to know. Similarly, if you are traveling in Africa or Far East side then there you should be very careful while choosing a place for accommodation due to the high rate of scams. Do your own homework and never rely on others totally.

Tip: Initially, go to any hotel or travel agency so they can guide you better about the city.

  1. Be conscious about tour belongings

Whenever you are in any public place or in a transfer mode, just keep an eye on all of your belongings. One of the hottest spots for burglars or frauds are airports, bus stands, big stations or any other busy spot. So, make sure that you never leave your luggage unattended.

  1. Don’t show your valuables – try to be Low-profile

It looks really cool when you are roaming around with an expensive DSLR camera hanging around your neck but don’t do this kind of showoff in any other place or country where you have never been before. Even if you have gone there before, try to use it when you need it preferably in the daytime as it is one of its kind expensive things and obviously you won’t like to lose it.

  1. Memorize your (temporary) phone number to block all the cards when needed

Unfortunately, if you ever get mugged or you have lost your credit/debit card then first, you need to call the credit card provider to block your card. So, just write it down separately as well or memorize it to save yourself from a big mess.

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  1. Carry your passport and other valuable cards in a cross body bag

It is preferable to place your passport, money and other valuable credit/debit cards close to your body such as in cross body bag. Because it is not visible if you wear it under any coat and almost impossible to access for muggers.

  1. Be careful of Scams and Frauds

There are different kinds of tricks and scams everywhere throughout the world thusly you ought to illuminate yourself which scams are popular at the destination where you are going. It is better to search some recent news of that area asks some locals about it as well which would help to beware.

For example: If someone is selling best led light bar for the money, then just don’t buy it in the first interaction. Maybe it would cost you much more than regular days.

  1. Enjoy Nightlife But in groups

It’s not your native place so, be very careful when it gets dark because it gets too dangerous in many places. Do enjoy the nightlife, it’s not provoking you from it but it’s the best idea to roam around in groups so you all can take care of each other well.

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