5 Motivating Reasons Why One Should Visit Vietnam

Vietnam has inspired many travelers to take a trip and continued to be on top of many other’s travel list. What about you?

Here are five motivating reasons why you should add Vietnam to your travel bucket list right now.

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#1 Vietnam is full of historical and cultural treasures

The painful past of Vietnam War might make you forget the fact that Vietnam has been an independent nation for thousands of years. Vietnam has a diverse and unique culture which is the result of long history of Chinese domination and French colonialism as well as territories expansion.

Vietnam owns seven UNESCO World Heritage Site including both cultural and natural heritage. It is convenient and easy if you want to do a Vietnam Heritage Tour because the majority of these sites converge in Central Region. There are organized tours that take you along the “Heritage route”. Marvel at Hoi An Ancient Town or discover the Cham culture and their impressive towers-temple.

The Vietnam War also left the country many historical relics. The places which were once the bloody battlefield, now become tourist attractions. If you’re interested in this period of Vietnam history, go on a DMZ tour in Hue and Quang Tri province.

Throughout the country, there are countless traditional festivals and celebrations where you will see things found nowhere else in the world.

#2 Street food is going to explode your taste buds

Vietnam is a street food paradise which is already famous worldwide. CNN Travel has mentioned Hanoi as one of Asia’s 10 greatest street food cities.

Rice noodle or “Pho” and “banh mi” are signature dishes but Vietnam cuisine has way much more delicious food to offer. Vietnam can be divided into three regions with cultural and geographic differences. Each region brings you a distinct culinary style with dozen specialty dishes. Luckily, you do not have to go through the country to taste them because most famous specialty can be easily found in Hanoi Capital City. The food is served right on the roadside or at any corners around the city.

A big plus for Vietnamese street food is its low price. If you find eating on the roadside, sitting on simple plastic chairs is fine, then 20 USD is more than enough to covers all three meals in a day and some snacks.

Rice Fields

Terraced rice fields in Sapa

#3 Majestic Mountains and gorgeous terraced rice fields

Vietnam is home to the “roof of Indochina” – the Fansipan peak at 3143m above the sea level. The mountain ranges in Sapa (where Fansipanmountain is located), Ha Giang … might not be strange for trekking lovers.

Don’t be mistaken that it is all about the trekking adventure. Carved into the mountain slopes are the gorgeous terraced rice fields. When harvest season comes, the fields turn into a golden color spreading all over the mountains. The terraced field in Northern Vietnam is always on top of world’s most incredible terraced fields.


                                                     Mountain in NinhBinh Province

There are two best time periods to see this unique scenery; May until the end of June and mid-September to October.

Once you are here, don’t forget to visit villages of local tribes who have lived here and grew terraced field for hundreds of years. The local culture and way of life are just as fascinating as the landscape.

Recommended places to go

Mu Cang Chai: Yen Bai Province

Sapa Town: Lao Cai Province

Hoang Su Phi Commune: Ha Giang Province

Bac Son Valley: Lang Son Province

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#4 Travelling Vietnam is astoundingly cheap

If you want to travel on a tight budget, Vietnam is a perfect choice. You can find everything in Vietnam with affordable price, from food, accommodation to entertainment, transportation.

Food: with just few dollars you can get a delicious meal. A bowl of rice noodle (Pho) costs you around 1.5 USD. A Vietnamese bread (banh mi) with full of meat and vegetable inside is 1 USD.

Accommodation: backpacker hostel or lovely homestay around the country is such a good deal. With 10 USD per night, you can have your own clean and ensuite room. Four and five-star in Vietnam also cost less than their European equivalent.

Entertainment: most of the famous attractions will require an entrance fee, but it is not much (1 to 3 USD).

Transportation: when traveling within Vietnam, take advantage of ground transport instead of flight. You can save a lot. There are many inter-town bus lines which can take you to whatever place in Vietnam. Just remember to check it in advance to save time and avoid scam.

#5 Mesmerizing beaches are calling you

Beach in Vietnam is truly a hidden gem. If you are a beach bum, never miss Vietnam. In the north, the jade emerald water of Halong Bay has been famous around the globe.

Halong Bay Cruise

                                                                Cruising Halong Bay

Featuring nearly 2000 limestone islands and islets, Halong brings you countless beaches nestled between mountains. Halong Bay’s beaches are series of small yet pristine and almost untouched beaches. The best way to reach these beaches, as well as the best way to experience this World Heritage Site, is taking a Halong Cruise. Some high-end cruise can take you to their exclusive beach where you can have a private beach with no one else in sight!

Unlike the north with limestone mountain in the background, Southern Vietnam offers world-class beaches with dazzling white sands and turquoise water. Featuring outstandingly beautiful coral reef, beaches here are ideal for diving and snorkeling.

Phoquoc Beach

Recommended Beaches

Long Beach:  PhuQuoc Island: Top 100 best beaches around the world by CNN Travel.

Star Beach: PhuQuoc Island

City Beach: NhaTrang City

A Bang Beach: Hoi An City: Top 25 Asian most attractive beaches in 2017 by TripAdvisor.

Hon Mun Marine Protected Area: NhaTrang City. Hon Mun is the best place in Vietnam to see the coral reef.


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