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Chokhi Dhani Royal, Review: Take your pick!

Chokhi Dhani Royal, Review: Take your pick!

Chokhi Dhani Royal, Bangalore is a place that serves authentic Rajasthani Cuisine along with the richness of its art and culture.

It’s a combination of dining, entertainment and shopping. An additional treat, if you want to pamper yourself is the: head massage and Mehndi (temporary art form) section.

    • The Dining: section offers the most exquisite ethic and royal ambiance spread out on two levels. The food they served was finger licking good. You’ll end up feeling blotted, but you would still want to eat the yummy Dal Baati Choorma, Kheer (Rice & milk pudding), Dal Ka Halwa (I am drooling while writing this)
    • The Entertainment: They have some foot tapping dances like ‘Kalbeliya and Bhopa Bhopan’ and even cultural performances, that includes some awesome ‘Live Ghazal’ captivating the entire moment. The Ghazal has been our favorite part always, since, these days we don’t tend to come across too many places that play ‘Live’ Ghazal. That’s right, so why not make the most of your experience while visiting Chokhi Dhani.
    • Shopping: Here, you’ll experience a miniature version of the Rajasthani Arts and Crafts culture. The Artisan Village named ‘Kalagram’ sells handmade leather notebooks, Rajathani clothes and Jhooti’s (footwear). You’ll also get to see a souvenir section that include Pen holder, wall display, handmade paintings, just incase you want to carry some back home or overseas. After all, who doesn’t love shopping.

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Business Trip – Crowne Plaza Gurgaon Review

Business Trip – Crowne Plaza Gurgaon Review

I have been to a few business trips to Delhi/NCR and yes there are a lot of business hotels depending on your budget, but if you are looking for a hotel with a combination of luxury and sophistication, I think you will love what IHG has to offer. The last time I was here for a business trip I spent three nights at the Holiday Inn near Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI). This time I decided to stay at the Crowne Plaza in Sec 29 Gurgaon. Its situated perfectly. Not too close to the traffic hub MG Road but not too far from important places in Gurgaon. The HUDA Metro station is just 2-3 Km away. All the offices are within 15-30 Min drive and the IGI Airport during non-peak hours is just 20 minutes away.

My Room

I was stationed on the 6th floor and my room was perfect. Once you enter the washroom is on your left side and after a couple of steps you end up in this huge room with a comfortable king size bed. The room was enormous and so was the bathroom with some extra space for a bath tub. You have a separate shower enclosure and a pretty big hand wash area. I had a great view of the city from my room so I loved it! There’s also a small office area if you are one of those workaholics.


They have a 24 Hr bar (ConneXion) in the lobby area and two international themed restaurants (One was Brazilian but I don’t remember the other one). When I checked in it was late afternoon and I was hungry, so I decided to grab a beer and a quick bite at the bar. The Chicken Tikka Kathi roll was excellent and my Budweiser refreshing. Like I mentioned in my TripAdvisor review, the food was amazing throughout my stay and may be one of the best things about the hotel, however I do have some feedback that I have shared below: Read more


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