5 Top Money Making Jobs While You Travel

While we all love traveling the world, the fact is, that experience doesn’t come cheap. How many times have we wished that we had a little extra money to stay a little longer or try out new things but we couldn’t? I don’t know about you but I’ve had situations like these and most of the times it was because of shortage of money. No matter how much you read about the cost of travel you always end up with cash crunch. What’s the solution then? Well, I don’t think we will ever be able to solve for that in its entirety, what I would say is we can definitely try to explore options that may help you soften the blow of a disappointment caused by empty pockets. Here is my take on how you can make some extra money while you travel the world.


These are the top 5 money-making jobs for you that you can consider when you are traveling:

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  1. Selling stock images: While we are traveling, we all end up clicking some brilliant pictures. Don’t we? Well, let’s pull them out of your hard drives and upload them on websites like Shutter Stock, Creative Market, Fotolia that will make you money from your lovely photographs.
  2. Freelance Work: Whether you are a graphic designer, traveler, student or love fashion… I’d say why not make a living out of it!! Well, websites/companies like Fiverr, Freelancer require service related to your expertise. Basis the jobs that are posted by employers you could take your pick and apply for the ones you are an expert in. Keeping your profile/credentials up to date will help the employers know you better.
  3. Starting a website: Do you like documenting your travels or anything else that you are passionate about? If yes, then how about starting a website!! On your website you can feature your travel adventures or share fashion tips and tricks. While you do that, you can also make money via various affiliate programs, BettingTop10 is one example of such website; sponsored content and Google Adsense.
  4. Volunteering: Volunteering work/jobs don’t generally give you a pay check. In turn you might get meals or basic accommodation or sometimes even both.
  5. Translator: Do you love languages? Well, if you know at least a couple of languages then this is one of the top paying positions. You can volunteer as a local guide for Group Tours or for Solo Travelers.

So, now I can say that I don’t need to worry about how will I fund my travels!! What about you? To kick-start your travels you could pick some of these options and get going!!!

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