Practical Tips For Aspiring Digital Nomads

Today’s digital nomads are commonly young adults or entrepreneurs whose main focus is to travel the world. They usually spend chunks of time in different places without a home base to return to. This increasingly popular lifestyle is inspiring people to do things they never thought were possible before. But now, with easy access to the internet, living in remote and tropical locations is a possibility.

Have you been yearning to give the digital nomad lifestyle a try? Before you book that one way ticket, quit your job, and sell your house, consider these practical tips on securing a steady income, finding a place to stay, and traveling safety.

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Finding Remote Work

Many digital nomads are also entrepreneurs, which allows them to work from wherever they want as long as they have access to their clients, depending on their business needs. While entrepreneurship is one path, it’s not right for everyone. But there are other options for work as a digital nomad.

Lucky for us, we have easy internet access in most areas of the world, and lately some employers have realized the benefits of offering remote work options to their employees. Workplace trends are changing and remote work, freelance work, and a good work-life balance are more common than ever.

If your current employer doesn’t offer remote work options, consider looking elsewhere or trying a new industry. These are some industries that commonly offer remote positions and could be a way to secure a steady income and benefits while still working from wherever you want:

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Consulting
  • Customer service
  • Education and tutoring
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Translating
  • Writing

As a digital nomad, you can also seek work wherever you’re currently living. If you love photography, sell your travel photos as stock images. If you were a software developer, find freelance projects or sell your services online. Working abroad doesn’t have to be complicated, with the internet and our massive connectivity across the world, many options are possible.


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Finding a Home

Digital nomading usually means you don’t have one constant location you call home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel at home wherever you are. You have to stay somewhere. Friends and family always make great options for accommodation if you’re lucky enough to have allies around the world. But for most of us, we’ll have to consider hostels, hotels, and other options.

If you plan to stay in some hotels during your travels, you might want to consider joining a hotel loyalty program. A good loyalty program can offer you extra bonuses, deals, upgrades and perks. Why not get some extra perks if you’re paying for a hotel room?

Alternatively, if you plan to live the digital nomad lifestyle for a long time, you might consider a slightly more permanent living situation like an RV or a tiny house. If you plan to road trip around the continent, a tiny house is a great way to live comfortably without shelling out hundreds of dollars a night for hotel rooms. Just be sure to do your research beforehand and know the tiny house laws and requirements for towing your home before you hit the road.

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Travel Safety Tips For A Digital Nomad

Our final practical tips for aspiring digital nomads will cover travel safety. These travel safety tips apply to any traveler and in any location:

  1. Thoroughly research every destination you plan to visit and even areas you plan to travel through.
  2. Keep your valuables on you while you travel.
  3. Only carry personal items that you absolutely need.
  4. Learn not to trust people too quickly.
  5. Drink responsibly.
  6. Try to wear casual clothes and avoid wearing expensive items.
  7. Invest in your personal safety.
  8. Prepare for emergencies.
  9. Get travel insurance.
  10. Inform family and friends about your plans and locations.

A steady source of income, a place to lay your head at night, and your personal safety are some of the most important aspects to get right before you begin your adventure. Good luck and safe travels!

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