Chokhi Dhani Royal, Review: Take your pick!

Chokhi Dhani Royal, Bangalore is a place that serves authentic Rajasthani Cuisine along with the richness of its art and culture.

It’s a combination of dining, entertainment and shopping. An additional treat, if you want to pamper yourself is the: head massage and Mehndi (temporary art form) section.

    • The Dining: section offers the most exquisite ethic and royal ambiance spread out on two levels. The food they served was finger licking good. You’ll end up feeling blotted, but you would still want to eat the yummy Dal Baati Choorma, Kheer (Rice & milk pudding), Dal Ka Halwa (I am drooling while writing this)
    • The Entertainment: They have some foot tapping dances like ‘Kalbeliya and Bhopa Bhopan’ and even cultural performances, that includes some awesome ‘Live Ghazal’ captivating the entire moment. The Ghazal has been our favorite part always, since, these days we don’t tend to come across too many places that play ‘Live’ Ghazal. That’s right, so why not make the most of your experience while visiting Chokhi Dhani.
    • Shopping: Here, you’ll experience a miniature version of the Rajasthani Arts and Crafts culture. The Artisan Village named ‘Kalagram’ sells handmade leather notebooks, Rajathani clothes and Jhooti’s (footwear). You’ll also get to see a souvenir section that include Pen holder, wall display, handmade paintings, just incase you want to carry some back home or overseas. After all, who doesn’t love shopping.

Here a 10 seconds clip of some entertainment:

Estimated Cost of Food:  Around INR 600-700 per person (including taxes). As you reach there, you’d need to pay a one-time amount at you enter, this includes the meal and entertainment. It doesn’t include the cost of expenses, such as if you want to buy any souvenirs.

All of this gets you so close to the authentic Rajathani culture in any and every way possible. Most of the time our experience has been good. However, the only reason I am rating this a “2” is because the first two time I visited the place, it was a pleasant experience and by experience I mean the food was really good, beside the Live Ghazals. The second visit was horrible. The food was stale and the “Dal ka Halwa” was more like Choorma and was tasteless. The worst part was that when we called the manager he told us that they had received complaints on that day about their food. It’s sad that they still didn’t do anything about it, right away!

Being brought up in a Rajathani culture it truly ended up being a bit of a disappointment.

Verdict: It might have just been a bad day. I’m not sure when will the next visit be. However I hope that the management is consistently made aware of both the good and the bitter experiences. This way they can take the necessary steps to make sure that each visitor has a great cultural experience.

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