Vegan Restaurants In UAE – The Best In Delish Flavor

If you are one of those billion vegans, who are more conscious about their health and animal protection, then you will definitely get the worthwhile insight from this article.

Our frustration is usually hyped when we decide to travel because of the unforeseen changes in lifestyle, especially in our eating routine. You might need an adequate research of the restaurants of your travel destination in order to continue your eating regime as well as to enjoy the cultural flavors. In case you have decided to relish the celebrated vegan restaurants, let us help you in visiting the best spots in UAE.

Super Natural Kitchen, Dubai

Being known as Dubai’s first 100% raw and vegan restaurant, you can surely find the variety of flavors at Super Natural Kitchen. From cake to pizza, everything is gluten-free and sugar-free. Even the drinking straws are made up of stainless steel instead of plastic to make them more eco-friendly. You will hardly find purely vegan names like Lemon Raw Cake, Salted Caramel Raw Cake, Hazelnut Tart and Roasted Vegetable Pizza. 


Simple Cafe, Abu Dhabi

With the set of light and healthy food items, Simple Cafe offers gluten-free and dairy-free meals. Being situated near Abu Dhabi airport, this cafe can be your first food spot. You can enjoy the yummiest Nutty Apple Quinoa Bowl as well as Avocado Basil and Tomato bagel. There are also the healthy organic teas to enjoy the best nutritional and healing benefits. Moreover, you can also go for vegan snacks like Banana Bread, Coconut Yogurt and Fruit Salad. 


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One Cafe Life N One, Dubai

Dubai has another charm for vegans and that’s One Cafe Life N One. Located in Jumeirah 1, it creates the healthy vegan dishes along with the arrangement of workshops and fitness classes. Once you visit the rhythmic beauty of this place, you will observe the raw and vegan variety like beetroot bun burgers, Secret Garden Salad and Jungle on a Toast. If you want to spend the quality time in this cafe, use the internet and shop online from famous online portals like Souq. 

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Menagerie, Dubai

With the gluten-free and dairy-free menu, you can enjoy the delicious vegan food here. Menagerie is located in Al Khawaneej and offers the variety for both breakfast and late timings. Green salads, protein rich dishes, herbal drinks and cold-pressed juices, all these tangs give an extra satisfaction to your vegan taste buds. You can also relish the yummiest desserts like raw blueberry cheesecake, vegan chocolate cake and raw donut. 


Pinza, Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Crispy and light, everyone adores such pizzas, but Pinza offers the vegan eatery. The unique titles like Truffled Vegan, The Faux Meat Lover Pizza and El Padrino not only sound mouthwatering but they also give the healthful taste. You can also buy the dishware and other kitchen accessories online from Easy Shopping to prepare such vegan food at home.

To perfectly acknowledge the vegan journey of yours, you should definitely visit the above mentioned vegan restaurants in UAE. 

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